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Lorien Legacies: The Final Battle Ideas
Ideas for my FanFic.
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Lorien Legacies #1 Fans
For people who love Lorien Legacies with all there hearts and who ship Marina and Eight. BEST COUPLE EVER IN THE WORLD OF BOOKS!
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Good Lorien Legacies Fanfics
This community is for people looking for a good fanfic to read. All kinds of pairings, and some of the best fanfics ever! Might be a bit bad and all and take a long time for things to happen cuz I don't know my way around...
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Post Fall of Five fics
Did you finished reading Fall of Five and looking for fanfictions to read until the next book comes out? Here are some great recommendations for you. PM me if you want to be in my staff or if you have any suggestions for stories to add.
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Nix Fanfiction
Basically all the Nix fanfiction I could find out there. Because it's OTP.
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