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Claire and Shane
Just stories of Claire and Shane
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Myrnin Lovers
For all stroies with Myrnin as either the main character or secondary character. For all the Myrnin lovers:) Because crazy can be so damn sexy.
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Harlequin and Pierrot
This is for Claire/Myrnin stories. If you have a story that you'd like to recommend PM me with the title and I'll take a look and add it.
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The characters read the books or parts of the books.
If you have a story about the characters reading the books or parts from the books, then this is were you'll find them.
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The Morganville Vampire Fanfiction Awards
It's about time that we recognise the best of the the best in Morganville Vampires Fanfiction archive. So i introduce you to the Morganville Vampires Fanfiction Awards. Here is the place to nominate your favourite MV stories of each category.Winning a Morganville Vampires Fanfiction Award will (hopefully) become a great honour. I believe that awards like this will not only give writers the recognition that they deserve, but will also provide reason for new MV readers to write Fanfiction.
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