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Soulmate stories
These are stories with the soulmate principle. Werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, witches. Everyone finds their soulmate.
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Night World Recommendations
Any Night World fanfictions that are worth reading and reviewing. Though for a story to be added, proper spelling and grammar is a must. Exceptions will be made if the story is a really good though. Pm me if you would like to join as staff, you can always join especially if your story has been added! Staff are always welcome. :D
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Uniting the Night
This is a c2 designed for stories in which at least 1 main character from a NW book meets one from another book. It can also be about the continuation of the millennial apocalypse after Witchlight or set during the books 7-9. It can be about the children of some NW soulmate couples or about OCs that are the soulmates of main characters from the books who didn't find their soulmates in them (like Blaise for example). If your fanfics meet at least one of these requirements and you want to be in this c2 PM me.
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Original Soulmate Stories
any well-written, entertaining, witty, awesome stories about original characters meeting their soulmates! All are pre-read, all i think are amazing. L.J's smith's charaters can be in the story, but the main charcters have to be original. Feel free to PM me if u have suggestions/ want to join. If i add ur story u can join...if u just want to join, you can join...basically i need staff!
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Ash and Mary Lynette
ANY story that has to do with the reuniting of Ash Redfern and Mary-Lynette Carter.
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Night World Collections
Lurve Night World by L.J. Smith? Well, in this community anything goes...
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If you just LOVE and ADORE the night world series just join and put in any stories related to it!
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Night World Masterpieces
Soul mates. They are hidden around us, some as ordinary human, some in the Night World, will you dare read what happens to them?
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James and Poppy
This is community is going to be about the couple; James and Poppy. So any stories involving them or them just being in them can be added to this community :).
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Jez and Morgead
Stories about the couple from huntress. Jez and Morgead. Cuz I luv them and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does ;-p This includes stories where they are not the "main" pairing. (i.e., stories that have one shots on every couple.)
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Stories of the Night
Stories found in the Night World section that people simply fell in love with...
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Last, But Not Least
A community for all the neglected or unpopular soulmate pairs, from JamesxPoppy to EricxThea to MaggiexDelos. We love you all. (No AshxMare, JezxMorgead, or RashelxQuinn allowed. QuinnxDove, if I can find some.)
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