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Sherlock Holmes
Complete Sherlock Holmes fics featuring romance with an OC.
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This is for all the Granada Holmes fics that are floating around. No Slash whatsoever! If it is even hinting at slash it gets thrown out! Thank you! :D
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Dr. Watson, Mr. Sherlock Holmes
From the apparent revival of this fandom, a selection of the more recent stories - everything from fluff to introspection.
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This is..........Holmes
Just some of my favorite Sherlock Holmes stories. Most of them include something about the relationship between Watson and Holmes, but there is not, nor will there ever be, any stories where any two people of the same gender are a couple.
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And So the Light Shined Upon Us.
A series of Sherlock Holmes/OC stories, or just OC in Victorian times stories. Because I'm sick of having to scroll through them all to just find one. All stories in this community are complete. (If there is one you would included please PM me.)
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Travels of time
The title says it all, I believe. If i miss any, please, let me know! Created because I am tired of searching
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December Calendar Challenge of Awesomeness
All entries, past and present, gathered together in one place! Please add any I've left out, or PM me with the link.
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221B Baker's Street [H/W Slash]
The title says it. Look out for the M rated stories. Message me if you've got something to contribute.
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For the Game's Own Sake
A Sherlock Holmes collection all ratings K through M stocked with wellwritten and clever pieces for both the Boswell and master detective in all of us.
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The Inspectors of Scotland Yard
A collection of stories about the hard-working men of Scotland Yard.
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These Were Hidden Fires
For those of us who like our Holmes/Watson slash to be accurate in character, Canonical in tone, and contain an intriguing plot. Variety of ratings. Message me if there's a story you think should be in here that isn't.
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Reply to the Summons
From the 221B Challenge and beyond, this community is a collection of all the challenge fics and their responses for our dear Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. If you have read a fic that should be part of this community but has been accidentally missed, do not hesitate to inform myself or KCS and we shall add it.
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The Doctor and the Detective
Slash of a HolmesWatson persuasion. High quality control. Slashforgiggles authors need not apply.
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Inspector Lestrade Stories
Anything related to our favorite Inspector Lestrade is here. Enjoy, write for, and suscribe!
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A Pretty Problem
Will stories measure up to the Great Detective?
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The Best of Kanon
After 1914 comes a new set of Sherlock Holmes stories, except these are told from the eyes of a young woman... A collection of stories based on Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series.
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