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Sisters Grimm Fics That Need Improvement
There are many fics out there that can use a little boost. Some need help with grammar, some with length, some with punctuation, and some with general writing and flow. Everyone, please feel free to help these stories become better, and to maybe even become better writers yourself in the process. ;D
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Sisters Grimm 10th Anniversary
In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the publication of The Sisters Grimm, stories, drabbles, oneshots, etc. written with the hashtag #SG10thAnniverse will be featured here! Enjoy!
English - Staff: 3 - Archive: 40 - Followers: 5 - Since: 04-07-10 - Founder: Lara D
Monthly Sisters Grimm Story Winners
Every month there are some Sisters Grimm story winners! You can vote on the selected stories each month! The top two winners are added to this community. More details and voting on my forum.
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Puckabrina is fantastic. But as much as we may squee over cute fluffy moments, deep down inside we know that there is more to this fandom. This community is for all those great stories out there that focus on something more than Puck and Sabrina.
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Best of the Bests
I've recently realized that I've wanted to see the nominees from elligoat's annual Best SG Stories of X year competitions in one place. This community is a collection of all the stories that placed in each year. It's far more accessible than it would be otherwise, since there are no links, they aren't all in one place, and people have a tendency to change their pennames.
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It's Magic
Romance.Adventure.Magic.Mystery.The Perfect Combonation.
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This is a new group made for Puckabrina fanfics. Awesome right?
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A Collection of Puckabrina Stories
This is a collection of most of the best puckabrina stories I have read, heard of, or have been told. Most of them are long.
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Sister's in Writing
Just a little thing where you can put in poetry and/or quotes (used as a base-line for a story, if you want) that relate to the Sisters Grimm. Songs and other things are also great! This is all about fun! Also, please, please, please, try to take critiscm well! Thank you!
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The Sisters Grimm Awards
Everybody who joins this group has earned the award for a Great Sisters Grimm Story. Once you enter, your story is in the community of the best! It puts a highlight on all other stories as well. So, when you join, you get to include that in your summary. I (Jessamyn) will be judging. If anyone wants to join, PM, and If I discover your story on my own, I will ask permission to add it to my community. It will take a short while to get this started up, because this is my first community. Please call me Jessamy
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Great, grammatical spellingbeeish Puckabrina stories.
The best of the best. Weekly winners! Will be judged on grammar, spelling blah blah blah. You can suggest some, we can suggest some, Pikachu can suggest some... Bring ramen and ginger beer. :)
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Sisters grimm stories that kick Butt!
ah yes, the best of the best. Please enjoy!
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Great Grimm stories
Stories which are great, and are awesome
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 6 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-01-09 - Founder: tuliplili
The Best of Puck and 'Brina
The best stories about Puck and Sabrina, our favorite Sisters Grimm couple.
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Sister's Grimm Library (Has to be about Red,Daphne or Mustardseed)
This is an archive of Sister's Grimm storie's that is well written and is focused on one or all of the character's mentioned above.
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100 word challenge -- my version
Here are all of the entries for the 100 word challenge that have good grammar and spelling. If your 100 word story isn't here, than either your spelling/grammar sucks, or I just haven't seen it yet.
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Grimm Everafter.
Someone in the Grimm family was born as or has been transformed into an Everafter.
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Sister Grimm OMG's
A community where people see some of the best stories in my opinion.
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The Grimms at there Best
A community about the best Grimm stories rated k+ and under. Also a Puckbrina community.
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Glee for Grimms!
All the song fics for Sisters Grimm. Any thing with singing in it!
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