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Gregor and the Good Fanfic.
Stories that I or someone else think is written well. PM me if you have one you would like to submit.
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The Pride of the Underland
Stories well written and thought out, ones that outshine the glow Sandwich's blade. Remaining true to the characters and the plot of the books, as well as being a story that has good reasoning, these fics represent the simple, yet undeniably strong force of pride the Underland bestows.
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Gluxa? TP TP
Well! These are stories filled with a lot of Gluxaness! If you don't like Gluxa don't look at these stories!
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After the Chronicles and other intresting fics
What happened after the Code of Claw? Fics that occur after the series ended. And other rather interesting fics.If I missed one, please PM me so I can add it!
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Gregor and the Subtle Prohphecy
all 100% fan-made, Gregor returns to the Underland with a prophecy right in his face.
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This is only for people who love Gluxa fanfics. If you dont like it, oh well. Too bad for you! XD
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The Odd Ones Out
A place for those stories that aren't the generic-plot fics...ones that have a touch of originality, a spark and a twist that makes you want to keep on reading. Yes, these are the stories that I think are the best of the best. No slash.
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The Other Guys
Gregor, Gregor, and more Gregor! Why is it always about Gregor? Well, these stories aren't. Any story that doesn't revolve around Gregor (or an OC) can go here.
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The GLuxa group
can have a assortment of Gluxa stories. Rated M stories are as for now NOT allowed.
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The Underland adventure guys
This is full of anything about the Underland that is good and keeps the readers thinking what is going to happen
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Gluxa Lovers
This community is for the GLuxa lovers only!
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Ripred's Band of Cohorts
Who doesn't love the rats? Well, I guess a few people prefer the fliers, but you have to admit: Gnawers are Awesome. This is a collection of stories where the main character or the storyline is about the gnawers.
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Those Spectacular Songfics
Okay, we all know we love both music and reading. What's better than both combined? Nothing, of course! We all love songfics, so here's where all those excellent pieces of literature will go.
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Which We Love...!
The fanfiction that some just can't help but adore. Any of 'em~~!
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