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The american dragons
this is for everyone who likes adjl cuz that show rocks beyond comparisen
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The Best of AD:JL
These are stories that I think are totally awesome. Wellwritten stories with only a few minor errors. No crossovers, purely AD:JL. FLAMES UNWELCOME!
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Rose and Dragonboy Forever
Rose and Jake were forbidden to be together due to their magical duties. But their love is strong and worth fighting for. Also, what was Rose’s life like before she met Jake? And what secrets is she still hiding from him?
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The American Dragon Podcast Archive
This Archive is reserved for stories which were either created for, used in, or are being considered for inclusion in Save The Shows, the American Dragon: Jake Long Podcast ) We also feature staff members work to show what we're made of and in rare cases, work that we find exemplary.
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Love's Facade: Dragon x Rose
Love always came with a facade, a little secret kept from the other, a mask to hide to truth. So, a C2 that accepts one ultimate love story, or facade, depicting it greatly. The transcending love between a hunter, and its prey, a rose and the dragon. Rose x Jake
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the place for american dragon jake longthe life and times of juniper lee crossover fics incase you did not notice their are alot
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ADJL Slash
The home for ADJL slash and femslash.
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