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Arthur Collab Stories
Collaboration serieses for Arthur. Current serieses: School Days, Crushed Hearts, Majoring In Love, and Slice of Life. See BlackNeko20's or DarkAngelSnapeLover's profiles for more info. See our group, ArthurCollabs, on deviantArt.
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Arthur stories you love, your personal favourites.
This the place for what you see as the best stories in the fandom. I shall add some of the most learned Arthur writers here as I checj out their stories and profiles on staff to help me. Drama, Romance and Suspense or Comedy and friendship. Please dont add your own. We can add each others as this is based on stories YOU the reader enjoy. More than likely your stories will appear. I have read alot. Only just made an account though but Ive been reviewing stories anonymously within the fandom. Some of them
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2014 Golden Aardvarks Nominees
Official Home of the 1st Annual Golden Aardvarks!
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Bad Arthur Fanfiction: A Community
I say that Arthur has one of the worst places to find fanfics. Why? Just look at the stories here.
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Fanfics that have slash as the main theme.
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Arthur Goes Fourth and Arthur Goes Fifth
The Arthur Goes Fourth and Arthur Goes Fifth fanfic series in all its glory.
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Really good Arthur stories or "How to write an Arthur Fanfic"
Just some really well written Arthur fanfics.
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