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The OC Free Zone
For all of you who want to read a story that's just about the actual characters of the show. Minor OCs are accepted as long as they are not the primary focus of the fic and/or are only there to help move the story along. No offense is meant for those of you who like to read or write OC stories, it's just not my cup of tea. All pairings are welcome. PM me if you want to become staff or if there's a fic you think should go in this comm.
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Rex and Noah: :)
Yeah, so, we don't have the most creative name in the book, but it gets the point across. Let's face it. Man of Action can't write a boy on boy friendship to save their lives. This Community is aimed toward Rex and Noah, in every form. From friendship to the pairing, come check us out! PM me if you'd like to become part of our Staff!
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All Generator Rex paripings
As the name implies this community will have all the Generator Rex pairing fics i can find. Even if it's boy/boy or girl/girl. If I miss any don't hesitate to point it out.Yay I'm the first to create a Generator Rex community!
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Rex and OC Parings!
Do you love Rex/OC? Well this is the place to find them! Feature your OC here!
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review city. {♥}
A catalog for the most reviewed Generator Rex fics out there! Because... How do we calculate love of stories? Faves, Alerts, and Reviews. Which ones can the general public see? Reviews. So if the fics have lots o' reviews they must have lots o' love. Does that make them the best of the best? IDK. Decide for yourself by checking them out! -Chapter to review ratio; nothing below 1 to 10 at least. Please DO NOT ask for your story to be featured; if it is most reviewed I'll be here. ☮
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I Wanna SEX You Up
Six/Rex fanfiction? Yes please! Orders aren't always orders, baby. Unless they're coming from *you,* that is. See a fic that belongs here but isn't? PM me and let me know! Any fics focusing on Six and Rex specifically are welcome, be they shippy or not. Rex and Six are two characters with a dynamic relationship that can be perceived in many ways!
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rex and noah in love...
this is a community about how rex and noah love each other or secretly love each other then at the end tell each other so who ever is a noah and rex fan then come and see this community.
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Brex lovers, unite!
It's just a little place for the fans of Breach/Rex to read stories about their fav couple! If you have a Brex story, just PM me and I'll add it!
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Gen Rex
Generator Rex fan fics that go into depth, have a lot of detail, and have several chapters. Check it out!
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Best out there, voted by YOU!
I believe there should be a community that has the best, don't you? pm me if you think there's something missing!
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