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Only for Pepperony stories
Just post anything that has pepperony in it. Can be as long as you want and about anything as long as it is pepperony. Thought I'd try this out, but if not I can take it down. So PM me if you'd like to join. Thanks. And it does not HAVE to only be about Pepperony it can be just a regular story that has Pepperony in it somewhere. Even in the slightest of ways.
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Bad Boy Tony Stark
Usually in IMAA, Tony is more seen as the reserved type, so this is a community where there are stories of the real Tony - cocky,smart,irresistible,kinda arrogant. Prefer Pepperony fics. I couldn't find much anyways, if u wanna join, PM me. Also, give me some ideas about stories like that. Might add some Pepperony one-shots too...N'joy :D
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Gepper Love!
This community is for the misfits such as myself, who support both Pepperony AND Gepper! So if you have a multi-chapter fic or even a one-shot that's Gepper or both Gepper & Pepperony then contact me!
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