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Romances of Randy Cunningham
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja love stories. All stories with pairings involving Randy, canon or non-canon; straight or yaoi; discontinued, complete, or ongoing (I think you get the point) can be found here. Fowlham, Randicon, Weinerham, Ninja Parkour, RandyxOC, RandyxHeidi, and more! One-shots, incomplete multi-chapter stories and completed multi-chapter stories can all be found. PM ME IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, I NEED MORE MEMBERS AS MY ONLY STAFF MEMBER HAS BECOME RATHER INACTIVE
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Any fics that involve the relationship of Randy with the Nomicon ranging from romantic to non romantic relationships and from any range of rating. Please no crack fics though. Male and female nomicon is allowed .Cunningcest is allowed as it pertains to interactions about and from the nomicon Staff members wanted so pm me about being onr please
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Totally Bruce Fanfictions
Here's an archive of the diamonds in the rough: Fanfics with good grammar, excellent stories, and absolutley NO OCs.
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Randy Cunningham Kunoichi
Fanfictions with Kunoichi's or "Ninjettes" in them!
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RC:9GN Human!Nomicon Stories
This is my first community. Come in and read stories about Human!Nomicon. Whether it's a female Nomicon or male Nomicon, M, T, K, or K plus, finished or on-going, complete or incomplete, you can find those stories here! PM me if you want to add your story to the community or become part of my staff. I NEED A STAFF MEMBER WHO WON'T BE INACTIVE!
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