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Advance Wars Fanfiction Archive
This is an archive of the most well reviewed, well written, and most accomplished works of Advance Wars fan fiction. Enjoy! Note: Want to suggest a story? Leave me a comment in my LJ christithefox, or IM me Christi the Fox.
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The Art of War
In the hopes of reviving interest in those AW fics that have been forgotten in the back pages of the category and are worthy of reading, or at least perusing for a laugh or interesting thought.
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Advance Wars Soldiers
LOLOL Tacky name but hey. For great AW fics.
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Battalion Wars stories
this is for all the Battalion Wars and BWii stories that's mixed up in Advance Wars and need their own welldeserved section, at least. come here if you wanna read some BW stories! put the ratings on T or M to see ALL the stories here
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