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Johny Vincent's New Girl(s)
Johnny Vincent/OC stories, only. No Lola+Johnny bases stories allowed.
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Bullworth Academy: School For The Downright Psychotic
Rumors tended to spread quickly through Bullworth; considering cliques were really as tight as they sounded, it wasn't farfetched for them to cling onto the new hot topic at the drop of a hat. It meant new fodder for them instead of what they were usually reduced to talking about. Whether that is cars, money, aqua berry, new pranks, etc., it was appreciated. New students was one of the best things to happen to Bullworth according to how much everybody was talking about it.
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The Essence Of Adolescence
This is a collection of my favourite Bully stories. Any character centric, any genre... basically anything that I read and liked! If there's anything you think should go here give me a PM with the link and I'll have a gander :D
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Bully Slash Stories
This is a community dedicated to both the cannon and non cannon slash pairings in the game Bully.
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Operation Cleanup
Authors on a mission. Want to learn more of our purpose? PM FreshestChubi or Madame Apathy. Send a message if you think you're stories are good enough.
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