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Club Penguin fanfics for your free time
If you're bored, read these fun and random Club Penguin fics
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camhop's country
this commmunity is only for the people who want to be a part of a part of a community/want to feel like they are a part of something. rememeber if you do not want to do/be eitheir of those things then this category is not for you. sorry. :( -camhop
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Hipengy's Self-Centered Community of Egotism
For all stories inspired by or related to the Chronicles. Or just stories about penguins leading their lives on the Club. They're pretty cool and needed more recognition so check them out! Also, if you're wondering about the title...I felt like a self-centered idiot making this community so I gave it a funny name. But this isn't to add to my already inflated ego, it's to give some recognition to these authors. Enjoy!
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EPF: Bookshelves
A community for all stories revolving around the EPF!
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