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Earthbound Romance Stories
Name says it all. This community is for romantic Earthbound stories. only restrictions to adding stories in here are: It must be Earthbound, and it must have romance as a category. Yep, I don't care who you pair or what the age rating is. Well that's it, so go crazy!
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Earthbound Fanfiction
A community for Earthbound fanfiction. Any pairing is accepted to maintain a large variety to everyone's taste.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 10 - Followers: 0 - Since: 11-20-13 - Founder: PSI Lucas
Twincest Anyone?
ClausXLucas Fangirls rejoice! We have a Community! I have no limts on what you can post, Just PM me and I'll let you in... Or will I? :3 I will, Just gimmie a good reason and you're in.
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Earthbound Crossovers
If it's a cross between Earthbound and somthing else, it goes here! If anyone wants to join, then email me, it'll be in my profile page
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NessPaula Love
Basically the title says all. If you have a story between K & T that I have read and deemed good that has Ness and Paula in love with each other, I might put it in here. That and this site needs a Ness/Paula community...
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