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Joy, Giggles, and Laughter!
Ready for random? This is the place for you! For MCSM fans who want a good laugh, here you go! Get ready for hilarious truth or dares, randomness, and overall hilarious plots and storylines. From our world to yours, here is some joy, giggles, and laughter!
English - Staff: 3 - Archive: 10 - Followers: 5 - Since: 08-16-16 - Founder: Alice Forshadow
MCSM: After The Storm
For stories that take place after the main game (season two), either adding a new season, or just an epilogue that concludes our heroes tale. (PM If you want a story on here)
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 04-27-19 - Founder: LegendEmpress
Crackfics Galore
Basically a place to put any CRACKFIC! All categories welcome! Please PM me if you want your story on here.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 01-17-17 - Founder: Emily The Avenger
Minecraft Story Mode: Plot dynamic
This is a community for Minecraft Story mode stories that tell the same story from the game, but put a thier own creative spin on it.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 9 - Followers: 0 - Since: 04-06-16 - Founder: Iron Pikachu
Jetra's Amazing Stories!:3
Submit your best Jetra stories here, and they'll have a nice comfy community to settle in! JETRA STORIES ONLY. LUKTRA ONCE IN A WHILE ACCEPTED.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 2 - Followers: 0 - Since: 02-04-16 - Founder: A Little Pinch of Amourshiping
Best of Minecraft: Story Mode
Best MCSM fics I have found on this site :3
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 5 - Followers: 0 - Since: 06-16-14 - Founder: Savannah-the-Caracal