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Overwatch OC's
Any story out there with an OC as the main character. PM if you want your story added or if you want to apply! Have fun reading ya'll.
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Talon Member Stories
Any stories with Doomfist, Reaper, Moira, Sigma, Sombra, or Widowmaker as the main character. AUs are allowed also. Must not be lacking in grammar or plot. PM me to submit your story!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 1 - Followers: 1 - Since: 08-06-19 - Founder: ThunderStruk
PROJECT Overwatch
PROJECT Overwatch is a series of fanfictions which serves to establish a (Non-canon) story to the video game "Overwatch" by Blizzard Entertainment while using as much canon events and materials to ensure a more authentic story. Join the travel of Overwatch to save the world from the grasp of the world under a crumbling United Nations after been labeled illegal under international law, saving the world while protecting the weak and poor of society, overthrow dictators, corrupt organizations, and more.
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Romance in Overwatch
A community that I hope to fill with tons of great Overwatch stories for us hopeless romantics. Any ships are welcomed, but I prefer ships between the characters rather than an OC, but as long as the story is well written regarding all aspects such as plot, grammar etc. then it's welcome here.
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Well Crafted Overwatch AUs, Headcanons, Oneshots, and Backstories
This community archive contains all the quality Overwatch AUs, Headcanons, and Backstories I have located. These stories must have good grammar, an excellent writing style, and a substantial plot. If you locate more stories that deserve to be on this list, please let me know.
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Psychopithicus' Effect Series
This community is mostly just a convenient list of stories in my "Effect" series of Overwatch fanfics. If you're interested in reading these OC-centric stories (despite their usually having little-to-no shipping involved), feel free to give them a go! I recommend starting with the first entry, "Ripple Effect", and moving up the list should you feel inclined to do so. Any constructive criticism is always welcome. Hope you enjoy!
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Sombra x Dva
The community for all your Sombra x Dva shipping needs. Pm me if you want a story added.
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The Angel and the Dragon
Just a collection of Gency/Emergenji fics
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Uh... My first time making... A community... Don't judge me.
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For any and all stories that focus on the Widowmaker x Tracer pairing! Currently does not feature genderbend / genderblend / futinari / non-canon stuff. If you know a story that isn't here, let me know!
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Overwatched reads
Any fanfictions that are good enough to be a must-read end up here. Request via PM allowed.
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Overwatch favorites
What I consider to be the best of the best in Overwatch fanfiction. I'm going to continue to add stories here as I keep finding more and more great stories! But for now, these are what I consider to be must reads! Some rated M
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New Heroes Of Overwatch
(Fans of Overwatch are the only ones who gain entry here) This is a community to all Overwatch fans. I will be accepting OC stories that catches my eyes and will put them in this community whether it's a pairing story with one of the main characters of the game and so on and so forth. So do your best and if it catches my eyes, the story will be added.
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