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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon!
We all know the basic story of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, but what fun is writing it without variation or a completely different plot line. This is a community for pokémon mystery dungeon fics. If you want to add stories or become part of the staff, just contact SnivyPro18. Let's expand the community!
English - Staff: 14 - Archive: 308 - Followers: 32 - Since: 06-22-12 - Founder: SnivyPro18
Pokémon Quest
This is for people that write about their own PokéAdventure. We can discuss about them and even have characters, from each story, interact with each other. Be creative and have fun!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 15 - Followers: 31 - Since: 06-07-07 - Founder: HiperKitty
Opposites Attract: Ikarishipping
A C2 that's dedicated to ikarishipping, DawnxPaul, HikarixShinji, or any variations you have for it. Only the best of the best ikarishipping stories here, as well as new stories that have the potential to be great. NOTE: CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH RECONSTRUCTION. WE APOLOGISE IF YOU FIND ANY THAT DO NOT MEET THE EXPECTATIONS SET BY OUR STANDARDS CURRENTLY.
English - Staff: 3 - Archive: 59 - Followers: 30 - Since: 09-23-07 - Founder: kamitori
Dungeon Dwells
Only mystery dungeon and pokemon only universe stories allowed. Feel free to contact me if you want to add your stories and unique stories are highly appreciated. I also gathered ones I personally liked. Subscribe/ follow this community and help make it gain more popularity.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 155 - Followers: 29 - Since: 12-16-14 - Founder: damsainx
Conteshipping Forever!
Only the best conteshipping stories for you contestshippers out there! Read and enjoy!
English - Staff: 4 - Archive: 17 - Followers: 26 - Since: 09-26-06 - Founder: Xenolicious
Greatest Ash Ketchum Pokemon Fics
Hey Everyone, This MathiasNightlord01 Coming to you with the greatest fics and open story challenges centering around our favorite Pokemon Chosen One, Ash Ketchum.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 15 - Followers: 25 - Since: 02-02-12 - Founder: MathiasNightlord01
Poke Rangers Generations
Power Rangers, Pokemon Style! Anybody who's intrested, please read and review these fics! New writers: if interested, if you want to write stories with your own ideas or using ideas from past sentai series, Time Force, Wild Force, DinoThunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, RPM or Goseiger, let me know.
English - Staff: 3 - Archive: 52 - Followers: 25 - Since: 02-08-06 - Founder: Blaze Productions
Gotta Date Em All
A variety of stories where Ash is paired up with the rare females that are not usually used in fanfiction. The girls can range from Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, to Domino, Duplica, and other filler characters and gym leaders that are often overlooked. There's even one where he's paired up with May's mother. Some stories have mature content. PM me if you would like to submit a story.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 43 - Followers: 25 - Since: 06-12-08 - Founder: InTheYearOfTheCat
A Rocket Romance
An archive of only the best Rocketshippy fics! We all know that Jessie and James belong together, and here you'll find the most exceptionally written Rocketshippy fanfiction! [Many fics in archive also contain other shippings, eg. Pokeshipping, Gymshipping]
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 56 - Followers: 24 - Since: 06-07-05 - Founder: BansheeGirl
Altoshipping Haven
A C2 dedicated to Altoshipping, and the struggle to make it ever more popular. Dumb description.
English - Staff: 5 - Archive: 9 - Followers: 23 - Since: 01-12-06 - Founder: Krimzon Flygon
Best *Complete* Pokeshipping Stories
I've seen plenty of Pokeshipping communities, but I hate it when I start reading stories that aren't finished! So here are plenty of amazing Pokeshipping fanfictions promised to be complete! Cover image credit to MiyaToriaka on DeviantArt
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 45 - Followers: 23 - Since: 01-07-12 - Founder: anjumstar
ash's romance stories
Any story with Ash being in love
English - Staff: 37 - Archive: 498 - Followers: 23 - Since: 09-12-14 - Founder: espeon44
Fortuneshippers and Twinleafshippers Library
Fortuneshipping needs more love! If you like Dawn x Lucas/Hikari x Kouki, this is the place for you! Twinleafshipping (Barry x Dawn/ Jun x Hikari) is another pairing that needs more love. Scarfshipping stories are also allowed. Clingyshipping can also be in these scarfshipping stories, but only if they have hints of Twinleaf or Fortune shippings in it!
English - Staff: 5 - Archive: 25 - Followers: 22 - Since: 06-24-08 - Founder: fatal whisper
The Dark Side of Rocketshipping and Neoshipping
Here is your haven to escape from those wretched completely OOC fluff creations that sadly make up most of this category. Dark isn't necessarily gory, it can be wicked humour, innuendo, riddled with swear words etc, so enjoy!
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 20 - Followers: 22 - Since: 12-09-06 - Founder: Thorned Rose
Steven/Cynthia Shipping
A community archiving all respectable stories related to shipping Steven/Cynthia. Whether you call it Lolishotashipping, Blacksteelshipping, or Darksteelshipping their stories are here.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 11 - Followers: 20 - Since: 01-01-10 - Founder: Alyssacookie
Poke triangles
HEY! This is for any love triangle story! The major part of them would be GAM and MAM triangles but still i'll make sure that they'll be more so any triangle story will be accepted, just submit it! C ya!
English - Staff: 15 - Archive: 46 - Followers: 20 - Since: 10-09-05 - Founder: Michelicious
Pokeshipping Contestshipping Ikarishipping Oldrivalshipping
This community is about Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, Ikarishipping, and Oldrivalshipping. It can be about one, all, or add some other shipping, but it has to have at least one of those shippings. Rating is from K+ to T.
English - Staff: 7 - Archive: 13 - Followers: 20 - Since: 04-18-11 - Founder: HopelessRomanatic
Pokemon Humor Cinema
Here's where you can find pokemon stories that'll make you laugh your head off. Random, insanity, they all go here.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 10 - Followers: 19 - Since: 11-02-05 - Founder: lasafam
Contestshipping Heaven
For ALL Contestshipper! You can post your stories here if you want, or stories that you really like. As long as they're CS! If you want to join, PM the manager. MayxDrew Forever!
English - Staff: 18 - Archive: 74 - Followers: 18 - Since: 10-24-07 - Founder: TrinityAngelX
Satoshi & Kasumi's Hentai World
This community is dedicated the everyday life of Satoshi and Kasumi. Or not?
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 62 - Followers: 17 - Since: 09-14-04 - Founder: InyYasha
Pokemon Game-Verse Stories
For those who are searching for game-verse fanfiction
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 20 - Followers: 16 - Since: 02-12-10 - Founder: No Longer Active Here
The X and Y Adventures: Tales from Kalos
A community for all developing and/or developed stories focusing on the adventures/daily lives of any Kalos-oriented protagonists. Open to recommendations and/or advice, if needed.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 28 - Followers: 16 - Since: 10-17-13 - Founder: SDproductions
U.A.C (United Altoshipper Community)
A place were all Altoshipping stories can be seen, no matter who or when were they written.
English - Staff: 3 - Archive: 44 - Followers: 16 - Since: 06-25-12 - Founder: BladeOfThePoet
Pokemon Girl Trainers
Girls are just as good as boys are at being Pokemon Trainers. And all of the female Trainers deserve a community that highlights their adventures. Please enjoy the selection of stories that my staff and I bring to you and if anyone would like to join please let me know.
English - Staff: 5 - Archive: 13 - Followers: 16 - Since: 06-16-09 - Founder: Ralyena Starrling
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Stories!
Come here and read some quality PMD stories. I'm no longer managing this community; submissions are no longer being accepted.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 15 - Followers: 16 - Since: 07-13-10 - Founder: Almiaranger
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