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Chicks with Sticks
Stories about girls who know what it's like to be one of the guys. And maybe some of the guys' stories as well...
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For the Love of Directors
This is for fics involving director and student relationships or a student having a crush on his or her director. You are welcome to PM suggestions for stories to add to the archive; in fact, I would be grateful for some new fic. UPDATE: I have now created a forum for this community. The forum is under the same name as the community. Feel free to post there!
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I'm a girl and I play brass. Got a problem with that?
For the stories featuring the few, the proud, the female brass. These stories are the ones of girls who are smart, spunky, and very brave. We rock and we know it!
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Band Fantasies
Fantasy or parody marching band stories.
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Sparkles of greatness in the world of band.
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The Best of the Bands
Creative, well written, and intelligent marching band fics, ficlets, essays, and lists.
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Color Guard
A place for color guard to be recognized for its complete and total awesomeness. A place for any and all color guard postings that I can find, but I do miss one, please let me know.
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Kayleys favorite marching band romance stories
I feel that the Community name is self explanitory.
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Ah, Marching Band
You have just got to love Marching Band...or band in general, either way it's fun and eccentric.
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We Love The Tuba!
This is dedicated to Tuba's and other brass players. knowing my friends, I will also put a few woodwinds in here too. Please enjoy and if you want to join, just email me.
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Elite Marching Band FanFiction
A little community for those of you who are sick and tired of trudging through the tundra of bad marching band fiction. There is no specific genre in here, just good, wellwritten, interesting stories.
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