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Alternate Universe Stories
This archive includes all multichapter, wellwritten alternate universe stories for A Walk to Remember. Enjoy...and remember, Landon and Jamie forever!
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A Walk to Remember AUs and stuff that wasn't shown in the movie
just my favorite A Walk to Remember fanfics :D Landon & Jamie forever!
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A Walk To Remember: The Best of The Best
This Archive the best of the best AWTR Fanfic. Stories in this archive MUST nornally be miltichapter and go into great detail. The purpose of this archive is to honor the best of the best AWTR fanfic. I an not talking simply about stories that you like, but rather the overall quality of the writing. Contact me if you want to join the staff or want to suggest a story. If you got a staff invite and no email from me it's because the site won't let me contact you. Not interested, just ignore the mai
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