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yautja and human romance ;)
Welcome to YAUTJA AND HUMAN ROMANCE cause who doesn't love a big musclely hunter =D anyway pretty much all storys have been read by your's truly, ME! yay! they are all pretty good to be able to get onto the list. all about romance including a human and a yautja or predator. yuatjaxoc predatorxoc yautjaxoc. humanxpredator yuatjaxhuman yautjaxhuman if you want to be part of the staff or find and romance between a predator and human message me. i give warning now there is no scarxlex unless they are not th
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Human vs predator
This is C2 community that will focus solely on ScarLex relationship from AvP movie.
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Mind Over Matter
This is your one stop shop for all transformation, body-swap, or other change of body stories (this can include minor changes or genetic experimentation at birth). Please note, I wish this community to be comprehensive. If there is anything I have missed that you want to be added or if you want your story removed, please send me a message.
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To breed and to hunt
Love aliens? Love predators? Love AvP? Write about it? Do the math.
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Predator you... ARE the father
Okay my apologies on the title guys my funny side was trying to escape again but don't worry she won't bother you any more cuz I got her chained up and locked in the attic.~muffled screams of "let me out, let me out", "Shut up! Your waking the neighbors!"~ ~back to the topic~ (Mostly) Predator / human female 'interactions' that lead to relationships, kids and etc. A few surprise pairings but hey if it wasn't good it wouldn't be here.
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Of Yautja and Kainde Amedha
Primarily for Alien and Predator fanfictions. Any works with multiple movies or what not are prefered. Stories with orginal characters are always loved! If you want your work here, just mail me!
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Predator Crossovers
The latest movies haven't realy done enough for the great hunters known as The Predators. This C2 is dedicated for great stories where The Predator's hunt in other worlds.
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Can't Get Enough Aliens
Here, it's all about the Xenos. If they are in it, then you can find them here. Featuring only the Aliens Universe, you can find it all here. If it has Aliens characters, tales, your own spins on the existing stories from the Quatrilogy, or Crossovers involving their universe, then you can find them here.
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Aliens Universe & Aliens v Predator Universe Romances
Here, it is all about the best Aliens and AvP romance fanfictions on this website that I have personally come across. These will include stories that have little, to not spelling and grammatical errors; the plots are flawless, if not completely so; they are reasonably realistic; they leave the reader jealous of not having a xenomorph as their romantic partner (no Yautja romances y'all); and last, but not least, these stories are so damn detailed and well-written, that you'll have a hard time moving on.
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because they just work
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The Yautja Website: Stories
All Aliens & Predator stories posted on The Yautja Website are posted here, all relating Aliens & Predator stories posted here will be posted on The Yautja Website.
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The Xena Collection by TheManFromMudos
Are you a fan of the Xena trilogy? Looking for somewhere that the entire Xena trilogy, and its' eventual spin-offs, are all contained in one handy place? No? Well, here it is anyway. The Xena Collection, by me, TheManFromMudos. Here, you'll find every story, every backstory, and... well, everything, really, that I have written within the Alien universe. So, read on and enjoy. It's 'The Xena Collection'. THANK YOU!
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Circle of Umbra - Abraham's Journey
A compilation of all of Abraham's stories, or anything related to them. Check K Entertainment's Profile for more detail on his side of the story.
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AvP needs more love
A group for people to enjoy all the avp romance in one neat little spot. Please note. All stories are reviewed for content and readability, that is to say, oneshots and no actual plot are what gets stories rejected.
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AlienR sequels
This is a C2 for different stories on a possible 5th part in the Alien franchise.
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For the Devil Dog & Leathernecks
Oh rah! this community is for the third party in avp the the marines. Oh rah! tip me of if theres more ill be on the look up for more. Oh rah!
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AVP Scar loves Alexa
A collection of stories and writers contributing to the lives together of Scar and Lex of Aliens vs Predator. What should have been!
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Alien Ascension series
A collaboration series between JaYDN78 & Hylian Mage. New experiments, new threats and danger around every corner. Chronological order- (1) The Xeno King, rating T (2) Primal Instinct, rating M
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 2 - Followers: 0 - Since: 11-02-14 - Founder: JaYDN78
My AvP Family
My family on AvP, A group of people who call each other family, No matter what their species is.
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Cetanu's Chosen
A collection of the greatest Yautja adventures.
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The Hunter, The Huntress
Love holds no bounds, whether it be separated by continents or by galaxies. It will burn as brightly as any sun and will last as long as any star, and we the wise shall smile as it happens time and again, capturing the hearts of the young and the old, the lost and the found. We shall smile, for we know that love knows no bounds. [An AlexisxScar Community]
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