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Mrs. Connor and Murphy MacManus
Aww come on! We all love those two sexy Irish Vigilantes! Wonder what it would be like to have them both? Read these- you wont be disappointed... I promise.
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Saint's Row
This is to our loving Saint's of South Boston, these are some stories that involve them in any situation. Including love, tragedy, anything that sounds good. Come join in on some of the fantastic creations from other writer's out there. More stories shall be coming soon.... So hold up and enjoy!
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The twin vigilantes we know and love...Connor and Murphy MacManus in everything from comedy to action to romance to smut...just no slash. ;)
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for fics using a BDS character other than one of the brothers as one of the centric characters: Rocco, Romeo, Noah, Paul, Unice, etc.
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Saints Obituary
Character death fics. Bring the Kleenex, you'll need them.
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Love for a Saint or two
Finished stories involving a MurphyOC, a ConnorOC or both. Can be set prior, during or following the events of the movie. I'll open it up to unfinished stories if requested.
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Boondock Slash
No one has thus done anything to categorize the glory that is Boondock Saints slash stories. Let us remedy this! A community for all your slash needs. Anything, from the twins, to Smecker, to anyone at all. Slash 'em together and mash 'em up.
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