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The Best of: Dawn of the Dead
The finest Zombie fics that I've had the privalidge to read. And hey, I just wanted to get a freakin' community going here. We DotD fans gotta stick together. And don't worry, I'm still making this larger. It, thus far, includes some complete classics, current classics, and some pretty promising upandcoming work. Hope y'all enjoy it!
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Zombie takeover!
Zombie fiction at it's best.
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The REAL Best of: Dawn of the Dead
Here is a section of stories I feel are top notch stories in the DotD Section.
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Zaio and Rodmeister's Zombie Fics
This is a place where you can find Zaio and Rodmeister's zombie fics. All of the stories connect in a few ways. All stories stem from the same outbreak, which starts in New York State in Reign Of The Rancid. The stories sor far are Reign Of The Rancid by Zaio, and Eaten and Runners by Rodmeister.
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The best of dawn of the dead
All the most Amazing Zombie stories here!
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