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Johnny/Randy Stories
It's exactly as it says on the tin. Stories listed below pair Randall "Randy" Boggs with Johnny Worthington. A Monsters Inc./Monsters University community.
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Oozma Kappa Friendship
Calling out for all of you to suggest stories for this community via PM/write new ones yourselves! A story qualifies if it has... - ...its main focus on at least two members of Oozma Kappa. (Mike&Sulley included, Sheri excluded.) - ...FRIENDSHIP as the main focus, NOT romance. (Canon couples like Don/Sheri or Mike/Celia are okay.) - ...no explicit scenes. - ...canon-compliance. - ...one or more chapters (doesn't matter). So, c'mon, everyone! It shouldn't be so hard to find OK friendship stuff!
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MU/MI Experimental Fanfics
A community for Monsters Inc./University Fanfics works that does not fit the framework of a typical fanfiction. Look up "Experimental literature" on the Wikipedia. And I'm not quite talking about the contents of the plot, but rather, the techniques applied. PM me if you want a fanfiction added to this page. But I must note, I have to assess the fanfics first or you have to make your case for its experimental nature. Examples include: - Unusual applications of POV - Unorthodox narrative - Metafics
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