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Hail Pharaoh Kahmunrah
this is for our dear pharaoh kahmunrah. if you are in love with him, his no. 1 fan or his loyal follower come here.
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All love Ahkmenrah
All storys from Ahkmenrah as the main charakter... because we cant get enough from him! :)
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Al Capone in his Black-and-White Gangster Glory
I saw there weren't any Al Capone Night at the Museum communities-- actually, no Night at the Museum communities at all, and I figured that was pretty wrong. Since Al Capone is a really awesome guy in my mind(and apparently pretty popular with the ladies here), I figured I'd collect all the NAtM stories of him and put it into a community. Since this is my first community, I'm still not really sure how to do this and all, but... Read your heart outs, guys and girls!
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Jed and Octavius
I think, that such great leaders like Jed and Octavius should get an own community. I was a bit surprised, that there was no one ... until now. ;-)
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