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The Inevitable
Fics about Beca and Jesse that are worth reading. Remember to change your settings to view M Rated stories if you're interested
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Pitch Perfect: GirlxGirl GirlxGirlxGirl
All girlxgirl stories. BeccaxChloexAubrey or BeccaxAurbrey or BeccaxChloe and many others. Some are BDSM stories. If anyone wants to be part of my staff go ahead and private message me and I'll add you on. You must or at least be mostly active. Thanks! Hope you enjoy my stories.
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My Picks on the Best 'Pitch Perfect' Stories
Don't forget to also filter to "M" rated stories! There are some really good ones there too! :)
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Pitch Perfect - Favorite BeChloe stories
The best of the BeChloe stories on FanFiction (in my opinion) I'll try every week to sift through the new stories posted and find the best for you guys. They will mostly be multi-chapter and (hopefully) updated on a regular basis. I don't like reading M-rated scenes, so this is not a collection of erotica. Enjoy ! :D
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Let's Talk About Donald And Stacie- Pitch Perfect! Stonald! A community where all Stacie/Donald-Stonald shippers and fans can enjoy one of the cutest Pitch Perfect couples relationship-connection-chemistry, whatever you want to call it... Enjoy!
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Mitchsen (Beca x Aubrey)
Cause for the love of God, someone has to kept track on the goodies of Mitchsen fic. It has to be updated~! There are some fic in here that is incomplete while the writer stopped writing. I still added it in regardless cause the writing of it brings me to an awe. Sadly, it stopped... Please inform if there is any new mitchsen uploaded as well.
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Endings are the best part.
A selection of my favourite Jeca fanfictions. Enjoy!
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Only the best of Bechloe
It's been almost 6 years, and two movies later and the chemistry between Beca and Chloe still fascinates many of us. The world clearly is not be ready to embrace it as more than a joke. Here I will post only the absolute best of Bechloe. I've spent years trying to shift through these stories, both the good and the bad. I aim to bring only the best.
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A collection of Fat Amy/Bumper stories.
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Jeca Crew
This is the Jeca Crew. We believe that there is a serious shortage of Jecaness in this aca-gay world. So... LET'S DO BECA AND JESSE JUSTICE!
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Triple Treble
Basically this has all the stories involving Aubrey, Beca, and Chloe being together. Yes, together-together. (Triple Treble/Bechaubrey/ABC)
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Stories Set During Pitch Perfect 1
Stories that are either set during the timeline of the first movie or re-writes of the first movie.
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