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It's All About Jackson Rippner And Lisa Reisert
My gathering of the better stories that capture that fine tuned chemistry and lovely tension between Jackson and Lisa. For all shippers out there. Mainly completed stories.
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Vampire Heart ....... A JL C2
A quiet little C2 which I hope will feature the best JL fics: stories that manage to be entertaining, IC, and mostly realistic, whilst also creating some sort of romance. Because I can.Recommendations and suggestions welcome.P.S. 'Vampire Heart' is random and metaphorical. I am not trying to suggest that anyone in Red Eye is a vampire, that'd be wierd. :P
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The Red Eye
A community that will eventually include ALL decent Jackson/Lisa fics, and other fics that are especially good. Apply for staff to help me go through the whole 19 pages. (:
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Jackson Rippner/OC fanfiction
I made this community to share with you all the Jackson Rippner/OC fanfiction I find, since I think he is a great character!
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Red Eye
My Favorite Stories
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Catching the Red Eye
These are the stories that capture the thrill and chemistry of the movie. All added stories contain lots of action and great characterisations. It should be noted that addition to this list has nothing to do at all with number of reviews, but rather the quality of the story. Keep in mind that these choices are made by both members and nonmembers to assure that quality is based on the merit of the writing rather than anything else. It is stringent, but this is about the effort and scholasticism!
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A Fine Line Between Love & Hate
Topquality and well written fanfiction straight from the best fandom on earth.
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Red Eye Humor
Because humor is good.
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So, What Are The Odds?
Apparently pretty good. I've decided to pull together a nice grouping of Red Eye crossovers here. If one is spotted that is not on my site, please let me know so that I can update.
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The Community
The best things in life are not free, but Red Eye fanfic. This community pays homage to stories that don't destroy that principal and are decently original.
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