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Revenge Wars
It started with Gabe not telling Natalie about a snow day. Where will it end? No one knows. These stories are all the revenge stories of the Goodman family, Henry, and Dr. Madden. (ps. It's AU because Gabe is alive, he's alive, he is so alive)
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The Clan of Obsessed N2N Fangirls
AKA The Clan! The Clan is a group I started, consisting of a few of my N2N author buddies and me! There's been a TON of Clan fics and now they have their own community! Join the Clan as they go on numerous adventures with their n2n cast buddies, whether it be playing 20 quesions or holding Natalie Goodman auditions or just fangirling over Henry. The Clan is always ready for whatever wacky thing comes their way! So what are you waiting for? Go check out the Clan!
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Gabe is the Goodman's son of steel and he's alive, he's alive, he's soooooo alive. He leaves a mark on all of the characters; this community is dedicated to the marks he leaves.
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