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Admiring From Afar
Daniel is in love with Peggy. But she won't give him the time of day. She's either still to hung up on Captian America - or that disgusting Jack Thompson; or she's with her girlfriend Angie Martinelli. But hey a guy can dream can't he?
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For the love of Cartinelli
Peggy and Angie's love told in the late 1940's. There will be romantic parings of Howard/Peggy, Howard/Angie, Jarvis/Peggy,and Jarvis/Angie only because at the end Peggy and Angie's love always shines through. Also past Steve/Peggy. I don't care for Jack Thompson so don't expect any pairings with him. The avatar pictures I use aren't mine.
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The Agent and the Waitress
self-explanatory title :) stories revolving around peggy carter and angie cartinelli
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All the Agent Carter and Jack Thompson fics that I think you'll like!
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