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SKIMMONS | Femslash Shenanigans
This community archives all the wonderful Skimmons fics posted on this site, as well as any femslash stories involving Jemma or Skye with the other marvelous ladies of S.H.I.E.L.D. To view all stories, remember to change your Filter settings to "Fiction Rating: All". Currently looking for Staff Members!
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A community to gather the best Skyeward fics. Community image made by milkovjch on tumblr.
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Not Your Boring Love Story
Love comes in all shapes and sizes. This community is dedicated to the unconventional fan fiction revolving around Phil Coulson and Skye. In earlier decades, older leading men are cast with a much younger leading women, so it's not really that unconventional. Nevertheless, these stories are not simple your boring love stories. He's no superhero and she's not so perfect either. For other stories for this pairing please visit (just remove the spaces to get the url): h t t p : / / a r c h i v
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Grant Ward Redemption Stories
A place for all of your redemption story needs. So far, it's mostly my own stories (because I spent about two months of my life doing nothing but writing redemption stories), but please, find your own! Let's #StandWithWard!
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Philinda FOREVER
How this does exist yet, I do not know. But this is going to be a nice big slice of all those wonderful stories involving that wonderful ship with the most 'pesky sexual tension', PHILINDA!
English - Staff: 4 - Archive: 130 - Followers: 14 - Since: 11-02-14 - Founder: AgentMaryMargaretSkitz
Protecting Skye
Protecting Skye is all that matters. Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons fully knows this. The rest of the team slowly comes to realize this fact. Even if it means killing one that was formerly their own ... Jemma will do what it takes to protect Skye from the evils of the worlds. Also the team becomes a tighter family ... as they rely on each other for their lives. Also fall in love with one another.
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Skitz Hub
An Engineer and a Hactivist. The good boy and the bad girl. Skye and Fitz.
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The Whole Damn Time
Stories featuring the relationship of Fitzsimmons,
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 87 - Followers: 9 - Since: 02-08-14 - Founder: SunStorm
Young Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Featuring stories where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. character(s) are kids/teens. De-aging, time travel, and AU's are all welcome.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 32 - Followers: 8 - Since: 10-23-15 - Founder: LightningSkye14
SHIELD's Recruitment Drive: Crossover Corporation
Stories from the "Recruitment Drive" series of crossover stories, wherein members of different fandoms are recruited into the new SHIELD. Mostly contains stories explicitly stated to be part of the series, but any crossover where outsiders are inducted into SHIELD is fair game.
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Skye/Captain America
Skye/Steve Rogers Stories..
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 10 - Followers: 3 - Since: 09-13-10 - Founder: TracyMelinda87
Johnson & Coulson
Everything about the love and friendship between the star-crossed, quantum-entangled Daisy and Phil. (Previously known as 'The Inhuman and the Zombie') (There may be stories that have their relationship in the background.)
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 163 - Followers: 2 - Since: 05-18-15 - Founder: avatarquake
Don't Die Out There, Okay?
A collection of all the Huntingbird (Bobbi Morse/Lance Hunter) fics out there. Enjoy! PM if you want yours added!
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Sometimes a third adds more fun
Skimmons just wants to have their fun. That includes adding one or more of their team mates in their loving. The others follow Jemma and Skye's lead, and have some fun without them.
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SkyeWard Lovers
This community is for all SkyeWard stories
English - Staff: 4 - Archive: 35 - Followers: 0 - Since: 04-01-15 - Founder: SkyeWard17
FitzSimmons FTW
Community dedicated to FitzSimmons stories. I'm a sucker for a hurt Fitz and a vulnerable/concerned/worried Simmons. All stories checked for quality. Completed stories only. For submissions, please message weasleywarrior.
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Look Skyward
A home for well written Skye/Grant Ward stories or stories in which their relationship plays a role.
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engineering & biochem
a collection of fan fics featuring fitzsimmons, whether they're depicted romantically or platonically.
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I'll Catch You If You Fall
A community for anyone who enjoys reading fanfiction about the adorable pairing for Grant Ward and Jemma Simmons.
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The Hacker and The Boss
This is a compilation of all the stories of well, Skyson, The Hacker and The Boss. I'll try to include as many stories as possible, but do notify me if you realise I miss out one.
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Why? Because Hellfire!Ward. Even if canon says no, we say yes.
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Best of MayWard
A collection of the best Melinda May/Grant Ward stories.
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