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Bianca Montgomery
Any and all stories including the one and only Bianca Montgomery. PM me if you find any strories that aren't here.
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Zendall: No Longer a Marriage of Convenience
For all Zach and Kendall lovers. This is a site where you will find decent Zach and Kendall fics. I hope you feel free to join! It's so hard to find good fics these days :D
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Notable All My Children Fiction
This is the spot where you can find the most notable of all of the All My Children fan fiction that there is on Fan fiction net.
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For all you Bam lovers
All the stories about Bianca Montgomery and Maggie Stone. And of course Miranda Mono Montgomery. They just have to be a mere meantined to be in this catogery.
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David Hayward Fan Fiction All pairings welcome
Missing Dr. Dave? You're not alone. Come inside and get your fix of Dr. Delish. All pairings are welcome David and Erica, David and Dixie, David and Anna, David and Greenlee, David and Di, David and Tad, etc.
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Reese and Bianca haven
This is a community for those writers who want to write the Bianca and Reese coupling there way. Come one, come all....
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Together Forever : T&D
A collection of stories focusing around Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney AMC, and their relationship, whether it be bananapeel funny or tearjerkingly heartwrenching.
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Greenlee and Leo: their love is forever
Greenlee and Leo (soul mates): Reuniting one true love.
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The Spirit of Bianca
Bianca Montgomery has the gentleness of all spirits. But her spirit can be broken through life. That's why everyone whom truly loves her does their best to protect her.
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