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The wonder of IvanovaWinters
For all the stories I can find featuring a romantic relationship between Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters for your reading pleasure. Some of these stories may be only slightly Susan/Talia, because with the shortage of fic I'm left to try to find whatever scraps I can. However, I will try to make sure that all stories are at least mainly femslash, and that they do contain some aspect of Susan/Talia.
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Cole Connections
Stories centered around our beloved Ranger, and those whose lives he touched. Find Susan and Marcus stories here, plus some others.
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Premier Marcus Cole Fiction
Superior Babylon 5 Marcus Cole Fiction done with quality, reality and most of all good writing your search stops here.
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Premiere Babylon 5
With Babylon 5 becoming a memory, and JumpNow.de not returning my emails, it is only fitting we have a database here of the best Babylon 5 fan fiction in the hopes that what we wrote in the past might inspire us in the future.
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