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Former Detectives Club
For the benefit of (*COUGH* myself *COUGH*) and the readers with the lust for anything Broadchurch, here's a collection of Broadchurch fanfiction of any genre that are complete or in the midst of completion. One condition. They have to be out-bloody-standing. Feel free to let me know of any Broadchurch fics that should be in this community! No graphic content is allowed and crossovers are accepted.
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Broadchurch Times
Any Broadchurch stories except pure smut/slash and OC's who get involved personally with Alec Hardy! I ship Alec Hardy/Rose Tyler because I think they were made for each other in any universe whether Rose Tyler is herself never having met The Doctor or is fresh from losing him. I'm not keen on Alec/Ellie pairings but I know others are. If I have missed any please PM me but stories have to be complete or in progress and not abandoned and not involve Alec's demise!
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