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Sam Whump & Hurt/Comfort
There really isn't enough Sam whump in the Flashpoint world, but what we do have is excellent! All the fics here are well written - some great team fics too! If you have a fic rec PM me!
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Some awesome JulesXSam for everyone to enjoy! Anything and everything from humor to angst and drama. K-M
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Flashpoint Obsession
This is a group for people who are completely obssed with flashpoint. All are welcome!
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She Didn't Even Buy Me Breakfast
Some of my favorite Spike stories out there- all in one place!
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Post 3.01 mainly concentrating on Spike stories
There were some great post 3.01 stories concerning Spike and Spike and Lew's friendship...so here they are, compiled into one place!
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Beauty of Life
This is a series of stories that builds Sam Braddock's backstory and how it intertwines with SRU. His life before SRU was a rich source of material to create strong relationships. These stories show how Sam copes and overcomes many trials and tribulations to constantly strive to find the Beauty of Life. Sam has a wounded soul and an honorable heart. All the stories intertwine in small or large ways. Team One is prominent in most stories but there are stories with just his unit buddies or cousins too.
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No Place I'd Rather Be
If you're like me, you like nothing better than to sink your teeth into a quality, well written story about our favorite people. You appreciate an author who is committed to getting the details right and writing the characters true to the show. This community is for those stories that in my opinion meet that quality standard. The best of the best - just like Team One.
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best Flashpoint storys
the best Flashpoint storys in my opinion
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