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Good Higher Ground Fan Fics
Too many Higher Ground fan fics are poorly written and arn't very good, these ones aren't. These are my favorite and, in my opinion, the best Higher Ground fan fictions on this site.
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Best of Higher Ground FanFics
I am on a mission to scour all 43 pages of Higher Ground fics to find only the most well-written stories for this forum. The stories will be free of play format, poor writing, and an abundance of typos. Only completed stories will be included.
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The Newbies
This community's pretty simple. As the title implies: here you can find almost all the stories about newbies at Horizon. The listing includes finished and unfinished stories.
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The Very Best of Higher Ground
There is a lot of badly written Higher Ground fan fiction on this site, and it is very annoying to have to search through all of the listings to find the gems. So pull up a chair, get comfortable and visit The Very Best of Higher Ground C2 Archive where I have listed all of the best fics for your enjoyment!
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