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Newkirk's Greatest Hits
This is my community of great Hogan's Heroes stories, most of which center around Newkirk or have him as a main character. Enjoy!
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Best of HH Fanfiction
Best is a very, if not completely, subjective word. So what is Best in the fanfiction context? 1. The Story! Is it memorable? 2. Grammar. Is it readable? There are many stories that are notable that are not on this list, I hope to remedy this problem with staff. Please message me if you would like to join as staff and add your own complete, must read, best, Hogan's Heroes Fanfiction to this community! Thank You, Chandlia
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Papa Bear Awards 2005
This community will list the gold medal winners of the 2005 Papa Bear Awards as voted by the online fans of Hogan's Heroes. Note all other award winners can be found at: http:home.att.netlaurenoboepapabearawards.html
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C2 of Great HH Stories
Dedicated to the greatest fics ever!Should be respectable and follow the likableness of the show. !Here are a few requirements: 1.A plot 2. Correct spelling as much as possible 3. Characters must resemble [character wise, that is] them self as in the show. If you came for quality writing, your at the right place!
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Hogan's Heroes Beginnings and Endings
This community will feature stories dealing with how the heroes ended up in Stalag 13 and began the operation, and how the operation ended, whether by discovery, liberation, evacuation, etc. Individual deaths or returns home, etc won't be included unless the entire camp was affected and the prisoner/staff had to leave. Stories featuring Germans are also welcome. Warning! some stories deal with mature subjects and may be graphic.
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Hogan's Heroes and the Holocaust
This community lists HH stories that relate directly or indirectly to the Holocaust, or pay tribute to the civilian victims of the Third Reich. The idea came about after discovering Dr. Leslie Rampey's article, "Hogan's Heroes and the Holocaust: The Association that Just Won't Go Away." Dr. Rampey was interested in HH fanfiction, but she passed away in 2003. This community is in honor of her memory.
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PBA 2013: the Ten Golden Oldies
To facilitate the search for the 10 winning stories of the past editions of the PBA, here they are collected in one community! Note: the Master Manipulator story included here is an edited and reuploaded version. We've contacted the author to try and determine whether the original version (that won the PBA in its time) is still available on the Internet.
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Hogan's Heroes, the 7th season
Hogan's Heroes and its setting in the darkness of WWII has inspired us to write many excellent stories in an incredibly wide range of genres. But this group aims to collect those stories that capture the true spirit of the show - in fact, those stories and little scenes that would have made for a fabulous 7th season. (And perhaps even an 8th and a 9th and...) Enjoy!
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The winners of the Papa Bear Awards: 2008 - 2016
These are the winners of the Papa Bear Awards from the past nine years - chosen by authors and readers as the very very best! (unfortunately, stories not posted on ffnet are not included) And when you realize that for several of these few years, more than 200 stories entered this competition each year...
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hogan's heroes
hogan's heroes story writers!
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Papa Bear Awards 2003
This community will list the gold medal winners of the 2003 Papa Bear Awards, as voted on by the online Hogan's Heroes fandom. Note: Stories by EJ McFall do not appear on fanfiction.net, but can be found along with all other winners at http:home.att.netlaurenoboepapabearawards.html
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Papa Bear Awards 2004
This community will list the gold medal winners of the 2004 Papa Bear Awards. Awards voted by the online fans of Hogan's Heroes. Note: Stories which won by author E.M. Siefert are not available on Fanfiction.net, so they are not included in this community. They and all other award winners can be found at: http:home.att.netlaurenoboepapabearawards.html
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