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This is ME. I'm a BOY. This is who I REALLY am... JASON
Collection of stories about Jason Costello (a.k.a Jasmine) from hollyoaks. Jason has GID, which means he is a boy, born into a girl's body. He's fifteen and goes to Hollyoaks high along with his twin brother Seth. They live with their parents, Carl (ex-footballer) and Heidi (a model), who own the dog in the pond and also their older brother Riley. They also have an older half-sister, Jem Costello, who currently lives in London.
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For all stories about our favourite boys :
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Ste Hay and Brendan Brady (Stedan or Stendan)
Ever Stendan/Stedan fics on this site! For everyone who loves Brendan Brady and Ste Hay (which SHOULD be everyone hehe) (; PM me if you wanna be a memeber of staff :D xx
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John Paul and Craig
For any fanfics containing John Paul and Craig.
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Hollyoaks AU
For all Hollyoaks fanfiction that revolve around canon/AU storylines/pairings. Can be as far fetched as you like. Any genfre/rating is acceptable. Let your muses run wild!
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