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AU_HBMR (How Barney Met Robin)
How I Met Your Mother's Alternate Universe. In a world where the show is about how Ted met his wife, the other story is about Barney and Robin. All pairings accepted as long as it obeys three rules: It's HIMYM; it has to be AU; it has to be awesome.
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An Expensive Suit and a Canadian; BRo
Who knew the best bro could be a girl? All Barney Stinson & Robin Scherbatsky stories. Whether they are just being bros that are legen--wait for it--dary or even more. (First HIMYM Community) (BarneyRobin, BRo) Not really into BRo anymore. Sorry - Katie.
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Brotime at The Apollo
Because every good fandom should have at least one slash community. And this, my friends, is a good fandom.
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Barnman and Robin
Well-written Barney/Robin that stays in character. Most complete. It's going to be legendary!
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Vulnerable Barney
Because with all of his overdone confidence it's always nice to see a different side to him.
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Barney and Robin
This is a place where you can express your views on the soon to be couple!
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