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AU_HBMR (How Barney Met Robin)
How I Met Your Mother's Alternate Universe. In a world where the show is about how Ted met his wife, the other story is about Barney and Robin. All pairings accepted as long as it obeys three rules: It's HIMYM; it has to be AU; it has to be awesome.
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An Expensive Suit and a Canadian; BRo
Who knew the best bro could be a girl? All Barney Stinson & Robin Scherbatsky stories. Whether they are just being bros that are legen--wait for it--dary or even more. (First HIMYM Community) (BarneyRobin, BRo) Not really into BRo anymore. Sorry - Katie.
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This is All about Soulmates
Ted finally found his soul mate in Tracy. Barney and Robin found their soul mate in each other. Marshall and Lily had always been soul mates.
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Brotime at The Apollo
Because every good fandom should have at least one slash community. And this, my friends, is a good fandom.
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Barnman and Robin
Well-written Barney/Robin that stays in character. Most complete. It's going to be legendary!
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Vulnerable Barney
Because with all of his overdone confidence it's always nice to see a different side to him.
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Barney and Robin
This is a place where you can express your views on the soon to be couple!
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