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Psych Slash
There was no slash allowed in the other C2, so for all you fellow slashers, I'm gathering any and all Psych slash stories I can find. It's mostly ShawnLassie, but other slash and femmeslash pairings are allowed as well.
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Shassie: ShawnLassiter Slash
A C2 for all ShawnLassiter stories. Other nonShassie stories may be added, but is because I am weak for good gen or humor fic. Looking for more staff. Just message to apply.
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Because Shawn Spencer Rocks with a gun and would win The Bianchi Cup if he ever competed. I'm currently open to story suggestions, and staff membership.
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Hey Juliet
The First community dedicated to the wonderful and awesome relationship that is Shawn and Juliet. Treat her like a Person, a Princess, a Greek Goddess, and then a Person again.
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Gus and Shawn!
There's not nearly enough Shawn and Gus fics out there, but I figured I'd gather the few there are for your enjoyment! Mostly romance with some more angsty friendship fics. Don't forget about the M-rated fics. If you'd like to be a staffer that'd be lovely, just let me know.
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We All Need Some TLC - Shawn and Lassiter
All the hurt/comfort you can imagine! Gen, het, slash, whatever. You name it, we got it! All Shawn and Lassie, all hurt/comfort, all the time!
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The Story Expanded
There's so many fics which expand upon episodes of Psych or take the episodes in a completely inspired but different direction. I love those fics, so I've decided to give them their own community. Will be updated accordingly.
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Badass Shawn
The Shawn Spencer in these stories is more than a guy with great hair- he's a man of many talents and impressive skill. If you're sick of watching Shawn get turned into a total doofus who manages to stumble upon the right answer by mistake, come here. This Shawn's not messing around! (But he's still very, very funny).
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A Very Lassiet Community
The paring of Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O'Hara. Because he is all ways protecting her. And she likes older men.
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Real Detectives, Real Psychic
Stories where Shawn has real powers. I thought there was one like this already, but when I didn't see it I decided to add my own. If anyone knows of a story that is not in here please PM me with the title so I can add it. Enjoy!
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My favorite fics that center around or at least have some good scenes based around characters getting hurt in varying degrees and sometimes being comforted. Will also include fics in which a character is sick. It's not exactly whumpagem but close enough :D
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She Smells Like Peaches
A community dedicated to the unlikely pairing of detectives Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O'Hara.
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Pineapple Pudding
~S~M~U~T~ oh yeah! Okay, so while I'm mainly into the Shules pairing, I figured I'd leave this open for any pairings, just so there's one place for all the kinky :D So if anybody wants to help me out here with adding other couples stories, please lemme know. So if you've written anything NC-17, M, XXX rated, lemme know.
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The Pineapple Feast
This is a very similar one to another community, but it's basically the best Psych stories like, ever. There will be many. Mostly Shules, with some frienship and angst for fun. And whumpage.
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Best Shules Stories
the best shules stories out there
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The Psych/Moonlight crossover series: Shawn Spencer meets vampire private eye Mick St. John, in this series where Shawn has to learn to live unlife as a newly turned vampire. Who knew being a vampire, psychic, consultant, detective, boyfriend, and best friend would be so hard?
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Just So Perfect
Because they've been with each other through thick and thin, seen each other at their best and their worst. They don't hesitate to stand by the other and they don't hesitate to protect each other. Carlton and Juliet have a special, blessed relationship that carefully holds the two together in this crazy world. A new Lassiet community! I'll be adding all my fav Lassiets to here. but I can always use all the help I can get, so message me if you want to join/have your story added.
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The best of the best Fan Fictions, in my opinion.
This is a forum to represent some of the best fan fictions that I have read, ones that I wouldn't mind reading again. It is all Psych fics and it has every category except Slash. No offense to slashers it just isn't my thing.
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Secret Ace
Shawn has a sister who someone tried to kill,story goes along with the series afterwords.
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BAMF + whump = Shawn Addicts
Honestly, how much do you love Shawn? Or at least love whumping on him? Come on, all you fans love to beat on Shawn. And don't you just love when Shawn pulls a BAMF move? This community is for THE BEST Shawn-whump and Shawn-awesomeness so you can find it without sifting through all of the Mary-Sue/Harlequin stuff and the cliche, plot-less crap. And if you want to suggest something, pm me ;)
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There Might Be Whumpage!
A Community dedicated to whumping our favorite Psych men :)
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Shawn and Juliet: OSD (Obssesive Shules Disorder)
We seem to have hundreds of stories and even loads of communities dedicated to Shassie *shudder*, but none to the actual couple of the show, Shawn and Juliet. So, here it is!
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Me and my friend Sarah are in love with Psych and have even taken on their hand-shake. She calls me Shawn and I call her Gus. We love Psych and that is why I have created this new awesome community! Slash, friendship, family, romance, humor, lemons, general,etc. are all welcome in this community and i would love to read your stories on psych, NCIS, Naruto, Bleach, + Anima, NCIS Los Angeles, etc. Because I LOVE FanFiction!
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Shassie Goodness
All The best Shawn/Lassiter stories I can find! Fluff, hurt/comfort, mpreg, etc, oneshots and multifics. Enjoy the Shassiness!
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Whatever Slices Your Pineapple
Just your friendly, neighborhood Psych community :). Some gen, some Shules, intense, fluffy...all the best we read. Anything extraordinary! :)
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