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Evan and His Pains
So this is for all you Evan fans who enjoy seeing him hurt, sick, kidnapped, lost, or just about anything else that involves causing him pain! In other words, for those of us who enjoy seeing our favorite characters get crapped on and then shake it off- Evan styles. PM me if you want to add your story, please, and I'm not a big fan of slash so I prefer to keep those out. Thanks!
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Hank and Evan- just some brotherly moments
For all of you Royal Pains fans that love the brotherly bond between Evan and Hank. Especially when one is hurt, in love, or just hanging out. No slash. Enjoy :)
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Hank/Boras Pairings
This is for any Hank/Boras pairings. Maybe some Hank/Evans or threesomes with borac/hank/evans. As long as its a yaoi one of these three it can come here. I don't care what kind of rating it is, if its crack fic or not, it's welcomed as long as it's one of the three pairings, but hopefully mainly Hank/Boras. PM me if you want to add your stroy.
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Very Private and Fairly Mysterious
... or fairly private and very mysterious. This is the community for Boris and the women who dare to love him.
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The Not So Secret Love of Co-Workers
Because, seriously, who didn't see that coming? For all those sporadic Evan|Divya cravings that hit you around three o'clock in the morning — you know the ones. Now, there's a remedy. Includes any and all well-written stories focusing on the relationship (be it romance or friendship) between Evan Lawson and Divya Katdare. PM me if you wish to add your, or any other, story meeting the criteria. :D
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