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What is that now? A JDCox C2?
Anything that I find that has a Johnathan Dorian paired with Perry Cox slash pairing in it, even if I haven't read it. Maybe even a few JanitorJD on the side
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Zach Braff Is Hot
Zach Braff, anyone? That's right, folks! Scrubs, Garden State, maybe even some Chicken Little! Zach Braff fans...UNITE.
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Scrubs Med School
For all those fans who love season 9 of scrubs; cause we need to band together and spread the love! If anyone wants to be a staff of this community or just think a story needs to be in here then just send me a message
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Scrubs of Love
A haven for many favorite pairings, such as CarlaTurk, JDKim, Perry CoxJordan, and ElliotJanitor oh, come on. How can you not think our beloved Janitor doesn't deserve love from his favorite Blond Doctor!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 3 - Followers: 5 - Since: 02-04-07 - Founder: The-Wicked-Have-More-Fun
Their Children
An archive for all stories involving the spawn of Sacred Heart's staff, including (but not limited to!) Jack Cox, Izzy Turk, Sam Dorian, Jennifer Dylan Cox & Harrison Kelso. All pairings!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 26 - Followers: 4 - Since: 12-10-08 - Founder: Phoebe-Jeebies
JD/Cox Non-Slashy Love
If you're having trouble finding a good JD/Cox friendship fic amid all the slash, this is the community for you!
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Bathe in the awesomness of...
JDA! That's right my fellow JDA fans... all the angst you could ever want...MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!...In other wors I just clicked on every story that suggested angst like I do any other day, read it again and added it XD
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J.D. and Elliot For the Win!
The best stories of the best TV pairing ever (John Dorian and Elliot Reid). JDox can burn and die! PM me if you care to be a staff member, por favor.
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All fics about the glorious couple Janitor and Elliot.
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Sarcastic Assholes in Love: Dr. Cox and Jordan
Because I love these two so much and finding fic for them is ridiculously hard I've collected all the ones I could find here in one place so others can enjoy with ease. Happy reading!
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My Comedic Relief
This is a forum for all of the funny/cutsie fics out there. Just to take our minds off of the immense amount of lovely JDA's. Woohoo!
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Janitor in love
all fics about the weird and wonderful janitor i could find! note: many of the fics i've added simply have JANITOR in the summary and i haven't actually gotten round to reading them. i will, however, read and review sometime in the future
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JD/Cox Stories and Janto Stories (; x
A lot of stories about our favourite gay couples... Mix between Scrubs and Torchwood (: xx
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Adventure Scrubs!
All of the Scrubs fics that have to do with horror, crime, or wherever JD is kickass/the hero, pretty much. And AU fics where there is violence or adventure involved. Sounds fun, no? x3
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John Dorian...friend, brother, lover... victim?
For any stories where JD is the victim, it can be from child abuse, stabbing, getting shot, mugged, raped or any other situations were JD is victimized. And maybe some of the better Cox!victim stories too. LONG LIVE JDA! P.S Looking for staff, drop me a note.
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Two sides of a magnet
A community dedicated to well-written fanfictions containing some delicious JD/Cox interaction, both slash and gen. Because you've gotta love their twisted relationship. I'm just starting in this fandom, please don't hesitate to apply for a staff position or to send me an email with all the stories I've missed!
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All JD/Cox stories EVER! Gwee!
Well I know there is a JD/Cox C2 already here, but it never gets updated. SO I am going to make a new one with EVERY SINGLE JD/COX STORY EVER! Ambitious? Maybe. Necessary? DEFINITELY!
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Elliot Perry Forever
A collection of good storys about Dr. Cox and Barbie
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