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Extraordinary Combinations
For all good Sherlock crossover fics not in the crossover section (we know you're out there and deserve recognition). PM me to join the staff or recommend stories. No fusions or parodies, unless they're also crossovers (characters from two or more universes interacting). Enjoy!
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Simply a place to collect Dark!Sherlock, PsychopathicMurdering!Sherlock, etc. because there wasn't a place for them and evil!Sherlock is just too yummy. Please PM to have new fics added, I am always looking for good dark!Sherlock fics. Dark = druggie, true sociopath, evil...pretty broad definition here.
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Mycroft Love
For everything Mycroft whether it be Mystrade, slash, not slash, short stories, anything really. I just noticed there wasn't a Mycroft community.
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the Detective & the Doctor
A collection of my favorite Sherlock & Molly, if anybody has stories to add just let me know
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 654 - Followers: 0 - Since: 06-08-11 - Founder: Cyrea-Skyfire
Will have a better title later. Hopefully. Basically, I have read so many fictions in this fandom, and there are so many that I love, that I made a list, by author, so I could find them by way of my author alert. I've decided to make a community from this list, because all of you authors out there are SO AWESOME, and I never review anyone's work enough, lord knows. So this is my contribution to the fandom. :) NOTE: Mostly Sherlock/John, but not everything. No PWPs, really.
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Sherlockian Hilarity
Because laughing produces endorphins more quickly than chocolate. Or rather, just because Sherlock fanfiction authors just happen to be really funny :)
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Best Of Sherlock
This community is dedicated to finding good, well-written stories for you to read without having to search through miles of fanfics. You can find basically anything here, from case fics to death fics, one-shots, and otherwise. Characters will be in character, plots thought out and well done. This can include any pairing, so be warned. Looking for staff.
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BORING! A file of the Unusual
Who wants to read the same damn thing over and over and over and- ok, you get the point. We're the ones who are sick and tired of the same plot being rewritten in the same BORING way. Unusual and interesting Sherlock fanfictions welcome! No Slash. Sorry. Bro-mance and friendship welcomed. SherlockxOc welcome. One-shots welcome. Character development welcome. BAMF John VERY Welcome. As little angst as possible please. Humor more than welcome. If interested in becoming staff, message me please.
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Shohn. Just... Shohn.
Shohn, Shwatsonlock, or even simple Sherlock/John. I am scrounging around fanfiction for all the best Shohn fics I can find. Whether it be slash, pre-slash, or sometimes even the "see it if you squint" slash. It may or may not be here.
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