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Lena Luthor needs a hug and Kara Danvers deserves someone that respects her.
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Alex & Maxwell
A collection of fics relating to the pairing of Alex Danvers and Maxwell Lord.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 50 - Followers: 7 - Since: 06-17-16 - Founder: AWolfAmongSwans
Soulmates Among The Planets
Whom says that soulmates couldn't belong among the planets? Kara has learned her whole life that her soulmate didn't need to be a true Krypton. Kara has known that her soulmate was in fact from the planet Earth since the time she was in her mother's womb. Kara has known that she belonged to Cat Grant the first moment she laid eyes on her. Cat now has to learn this. Expect other pairings. But this is mainly a Supercat community.
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Supergirl-A Series of Villains
This series is loosely based in Season 1 and does not follow the show canon. There are 6 parts.
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any and all fanfictions that ship Kara Zor-El or Danvers or Kent or Supergirl/Alex Danvers
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