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Harrison Calling
A community for Tru Calling stories that focus on, or are told from the point of view of Harrison. If Harrison plays a large part in your fic and it is not listed here email me and I will check it out. Ignore the community forum link - the forum is for another fandom but appears here automatically.
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The Relive a Day Foundation: Tru Calling Fanfic
This is the C2 Community for the Tru Calling Virtual Season 3: Relive a Day Foundation project. The Relive a Day Foundation is a fan maintained virtual season of episodes that we hope will carry on the Tru Calling legacy. Please visit our site at reliveadayfoundation dot com!This community will host fanfics written by staff members as well as fans! Please contact a maintainer if you would like your fic to be added to this community!
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Opposites really do attract
This is a C2 for all of the TruJack shippers out there. All stories involving romance between life and death
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