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Bon-Bon And Red Wine
A Community For All Things Bamon. These are some of the best Bamon stories around. All have been read by myself or my good friend. Pop some Popcorn, grab a glass of wine and take a trip into the land of Bamon. TheWitchAndTheVampire
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 137 - Followers: 11 - Since: 03-31-10 - Founder: TheWitchAndTheVampire
The Beauty and the Beast
A community filled with the best Klaroline stories. AU/AH. One-shots, two-shots. Multi-fic stories. Most are rated T, but there are a few mild M's. PM the founder if you want to suggest a story or if you want to become a staff member.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 21 - Followers: 11 - Since: 04-08-13 - Founder: Skaiya McFee
The Original Family Fanfic Archive
Fanfics about our favorite family from TVD. Will include feature Elijah, Klaus and Kol.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 197 - Followers: 11 - Since: 01-08-14 - Founder: FanWoman21
The Originals: Always and Forever
A community featuring fan fictions about the Originals from the Vampire Diaries: Elijah, Finn, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah. Will feature ships focusing on the Originals: Elijah/Elena, Klaus/Caroline, Kol/Bonnie and others.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 72 - Followers: 10 - Since: 10-30-12 - Founder: LenaC
Delena Rules
This will be about the vampire diaries Delena storys all types of Delena Romantic Violent anything and probebly everythin DELENA
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 2 - Followers: 10 - Since: 02-20-11 - Founder: Delena-Fan-for-life
Beware...they bite XD
These are all great OC fics! Have you ever gotten tired of looking for an OC story? This holds all kinds of OC's. Enjoy!
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 17 - Followers: 9 - Since: 11-28-12 - Founder: Original-callingbird97
Bad Blood!
Only terrible Vampire Diaries stories are listed here.
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 295 - Followers: 8 - Since: 01-20-12 - Founder: goldenn
Salut à tous! Fan de Kennett, vous etes au bonne endroit, ici, il n'y a que du Kennett. Un peu de Klaroline aussi mais bon... Tant qu'il y a du Kennett (énormément ou pas beaucoup) c'est le principal non ? Hi all! Kennett fan, you are at the right place here, there is as Kennett. Klaroline a little too but ... As long as there Kennett (a lot or not much) it's the principal? No? (Ps: Sorry for my english, I'm french!)
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 119 - Followers: 8 - Since: 01-03-13 - Founder: Dark Masta
We Have Some New Faces
Tired of looking for a good OC fic that doesn't have an annoying Mary Sue? I have taken upon myself to sift through the stories and find only the good ones with a good plot and OC character. All characters and side pairings are taken in, if you want to recommend a fic or become a staff, send me a PM.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 15 - Followers: 7 - Since: 08-15-12 - Founder: OptimisticPessimist12
Bonnie & The Originals
I have decided to make it a little easier for anyone wanting to read a fic between Bonnie and a member of the Original family by putting them all in one place! If you would like to request a fic be added (I will miss a few as summaries can be confusing at times and I would rather Bonnie and her ship be the man focus rather than a side ship) just send me a PM and I will add it!
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 400 - Followers: 7 - Since: 11-22-11 - Founder: The Dead Masquerade
Amazing OC Stories
Looking for a story which has OC pairings with our favorite characters in it. Then you've reached the right destination. These stories consume you and make you want and yearn to read more. So, Enjoy reading and Have an Awesome day
English - Staff: 2 - Archive: 29 - Followers: 6 - Since: 01-14-14 - Founder: Crazy4Oreos
Removed; (TVD)
This was once a community for the Vampire Diaries, but alas, I never update it. Since there isn't a known way to remove a community, I'm improvising. Sorry for the inconvenience.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 1 - Followers: 6 - Since: 11-06-10 - Founder: acrowthatlaughs
The best Delena stories
A place for those captivating Delena fanfics that keep you in constant suspense and leave you wanting more. The best writing, the best plots and a lot of Delena, of course!
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 32 - Followers: 6 - Since: 10-02-11 - Founder: niya94
Epic Klaroline fics
The best epic love stories for Klaus and Caroline.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 11 - Followers: 6 - Since: 01-03-13 - Founder: sheraasp
The Best of Delena & Klaroline!
This community is for the best of the best Delena fics & Klaroline fics. By 'The Best' we don't mean the one with the most reviews, but instead the ones that we think are so good, everyone who's a fan of the pairing should read it. If you'd like to submit your story or suggest a story to this community, send me (DeeReadinQueen) or BecomingScarlett a message and we'll check out your story and let you know.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 50 - Followers: 6 - Since: 01-21-13 - Founder: DeeReadinQueen
Klaroline : Always and Forever
Dedicated to the best on screen Couple i have ever seen... Klaus and Caroline Dedicated to the strongest fandom i am proud to be in ... Klaroline Best of Klaroline Stories are in here
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 7 - Followers: 5 - Since: 04-22-14 - Founder: Aathira R Nair
I will always choose you
All the wonderful goodness of the greatest Delena moments. PM me if you're interested in adding your story.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 58 - Followers: 5 - Since: 05-20-13 - Founder: i.love.being.loved.by.you
A thousand years of Klaroline
Here you can find all Klaroline TIME TRAVEL stories! From Present time Caroline traveling to the past to Caroline being born in 10th century. Along the way you maybe find Klaus out of time. Enjoy. Looking for staff, PM me.
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 46 - Followers: 5 - Since: 03-19-13 - Founder: writing STELLA
Dark Paradise.
A little spot for anything and everything Klaroline.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 19 - Followers: 5 - Since: 03-13-12 - Founder: prettylittlemills
Some of the Delena stories that I love... But also looking for ones that you love as well. Let me know! And enjoy :)
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 12 - Followers: 5 - Since: 04-14-13 - Founder: inside my mind1
You're Perfect
Because You're perfect. Like AU or AH Klaroline's fics? This is where you will find it! Pm -me if you have suggestion :)
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 3 - Followers: 5 - Since: 12-13-12 - Founder: proudesian
Delena Is The End Game
Comunidad de Damon y Elena. Aquí encontrarás las mejores historias Delena del fandom de TVD en Español, ¿a qué esperas para subscribirte? Todas las historias de esta pareja son bienvenidas, solo se piden ser amantes de la pareja y buena ortografía. #Delena Y también se aceptan #Nian
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 45 - Followers: 5 - Since: 08-26-14 - Founder: Angelito97-Delena
Twin Flames: Damon & Elena, the Love Story
Looking for your Delena Fix? You've come to the right place. Here you will find SMUT FICS, Romance Fics, AU Fics, Action & Adventure, the list goes on, and it all involves DELENA. So come subscribe and find good fics you didn't know existed.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 48 - Followers: 5 - Since: 04-23-12 - Founder: DomsWritersBlock
Awesome Damon/Elena Stories
These are stories I want to share with my friends.
English - Staff: 0 - Archive: 23 - Followers: 5 - Since: 09-06-10 - Founder: kateliz76
Team Fierce: Tyler & Caroline Fanfiction
A place to find fanfiction for one of the greatest potential couples on TVD!
English - Staff: 1 - Archive: 31 - Followers: 4 - Since: 06-21-10 - Founder: UniverseInsideofYourHeart
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