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The Stories of 2017
Stories of the new 2017 reboot. Stories that feature all characters from Ada, Mildred, to Agatha, to new characters like Esmerelda Hallow.
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Constance Hardbroom
Who's your favorite character on the Worst Witch? Almost everyone picks HB--she's classic! This is a collection of fanfics that I think stay true to her character, are completely believable, and extremely good reads! They'll usually involve HB being her old powerful self, and most of the time as the main character. Have a good fanfic to add to the collection? Please let me know about it! I'd love to read it!
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The Worst Witch Femslash
All stories that contain some form of femslash (that's lesbian pairings, to the n00bs), whether it be Hardbroom/Drill, Drusilla/Ethel or Mildred/Maud, or any others you care to think up! Give the manager a bell if you have a story that should be added (There's one crossover with a WW het pairing and a HP femslash pairing in here - honourary placement!)
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