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I'm looking for a staff who would help me out with my stories, or would need my help in their stories. Im usually too busy to write chapters weekly, so Id appreciate some help, and like i said I will do the same. I am a very good editor,loves anime like Soul Eater and Inuzuma Eleven/Go!. Im willing to accept anyone with basic knowledge. Thanks! :D

Dare to Date by CupidsCurse reviews
So you're dared to date every boy on a list your friends made, there's no time limit, and it can be changed. You have to do the dare, if you don't your deepest darkest secret will be revealed. So its Do or die, you thought. Easier said than done.
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When Endou, and friends are pulled into a world savaged by their "Dark Selves" To return home, they have to face their greatest rival with help from unexpected people. Prologue/Summary/Chapter 1 inside. R&R if you can!
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A story where a certain IE-GO! fanclub wishes to meet them, but never took it seriously till they wound up in their world. Will these girls find a happy ending? Side with the good, or the bad? And will these boys face an even greater challenge? R&R!
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