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Many Merry Misadventures, Misdemeanors and Motley Mischief
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"I myself happen to be madly in love with Luffy. How anyone could not is a mystery to me. These are the tales of how Luffy managed to steal my heart and give me his own, all the while causing chaos and wreaking havoc." All Zoro/Luffy here peoples! This has everything from angst, to fluff, to AU-nesss and humour. The only consistent thing happens to be the pairing and quality. I only accept the gems here, lovelies! The number of reviews it has doesn't matter, I am a treasure hunter with a knack for finding m

Silence Is Golden by Tatsumaki-sama reviews
Luffy and Zoro say many things to each other. It's just that they don't use words.
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Sweet and somewhat suggestive Valentines drabble. ZoLu ZoroxLuffy Shonen aiYaoi. Please R&R!
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Luffy's always been surrounded by people who tend to get a little Over Protective. However, will he be able to prove to Zoro that he doesn't always need protecting? Zolu, SmoAce and some SanUso and FraRo
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It's the Onions by AlibisDragon reviews
What does a festival, a boatload of produce, and a strange superstition have to do with Halloween? Well, let's just say that for the men of the Going Merry, it's going to be a night of more tricks than treats. ZoLu and SanUso. Complete.
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