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Subject: Regarding Clato
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Dear Gary Ross,
This letter is regarding an error which you have made in 'The Hunger Games' movie. It is not in my intention to point out movie errors but this glitch was unfortunately too obvious for me not to speak out. It's Clato not Glato!
Sincerely Very Angry Hunger Games Fan.

Raised to Fight, Born to Die by thenightshow reviews
"This is how we are alike, him and I. We both live for the blood and gory of the Hunger Games. I am worthy of his blood and he is worthy of mineā€¦He is the only person in this arena who will kill me out of honor. I don't want to be killed by some coward. Hopefully that will not be ruined as well." Read Cato and Clove's untold story in the 74th Annual Hunger Games.
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The unspoken rule, careers don't love. Right? What happens when Cato befriends Clove at the acadamy, but he wants a little bit more than friendship? What happens when they're both thrust into the Hunger Games? Together? Read and find out! Alternate ending. I do not own the Hunger Games!
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What if Cato and Clove are the two last tributes left standing on the Cornucopia? Can the Capitol spin the games their way, or will Cato and Clove usher in a new set of rules? What happens when plots we manufacture are torn from our grip and we are forced to play by other people's rules? Eventual Clato.
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And She Never, Ever Misses. Cato and Clove's Story before the Games. How did they meet, and how did they fall in love? Cato's POV.
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what if Cato and Clove won? what if they tried to continue their life's after the arena? what if they took the roles of Peeta and Katniss? way better inside! xxxx
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This is my take of the clato story. This is by far my favorite hunger games couple and i really wish they could have won. I plan on writing a whole story on them but for now this is just the beginning. I will try and upload at least a chapter each week. i own nothing. Not the characters or the image or anything.
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